Process Overview: Slate Web + Graphics


Process Overview: Slate Web + Graphics

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  • in News / 23 July 2015

This week at BNI Clerkenwell, Jon (the director at Slate) gave a 10 minute presentation on the lifecycle of web based projects. He spoke about what it means to have trust & transparency and how to build robust & meaningful designs. With over 15 years experience in the web industry, Jon has given previous talks on the convenience of payment schedules and the importance of clear and effective design.

The presentation began with an introduction to what makes Slate different to other web companies. Answer: Trust & transparency. Furthermore, that you build trust by being transparent. It is important your customer base and audience understand that the process of building a great website isn’t as complex as some competitors make it out to be. By simplifying what it is Slate do, requirements are fulfilled more accurately and expectations are met.

Slate specialise in design, development and marketing strategy. So naturally the presentation flowed through these phases. Their designs are intuitive and meaningful, while their development is robust and reliable. Jon spoke about the 16 steps the process follows that Slate manage using an online project management web app. In this process there are stages of internal and external sign off that results in the website going live.

To find out how Slate can help you with your next web project, please contact Jon at


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