Escaping the Norm

Escaping the Norm

  • by admin
  • in News / 23 July 2015

There’s nothing quite like being locked into a small room with your business colleagues and having to figure out a multitude of clues in order to escape!

Every month, BNI Clerkenwell chapter has some kind of social get together to give us chance to let off steam and get to know each other better in a less business-y setting. Many of our events are put together by our dynamic duo of Heath Gardiner (List of Life events) and Ricardo Rodrigues (Portuguese Story)

This month, was a belter.

Off to an ungraceful (but very amusing) start with the six of us trying to bend our bodies through a “laser security” field without setting off an alarm and then into the Chinese room via a dark tunnel. This was Carol Couling, Julian Fox, David Miles, Emma Parker and Carol Hustler as you haven’t seen them before, and probably won’t witness again either! Amazingly, we were able to escape with just over a minute to spare after much head-scratching, brain-aching and occasional attempts at brute force in order to solve the various puzzles.

If you’ve never been to the Escape Rooms, they are highly recommended. And if you want to get to know your business colleagues better, then join our chapter for another fun night out.

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