Christmas already at BNI Clerkenwell!

Christmas already at BNI Clerkenwell!


A well organised, festive, and delicious Christmas Do for BNI Clerkenwell took place last Monday (Dec 5) at The Fence, near Farringdon Station. A great time was had by all!

Many thanks to Jean Ligget, Properties of the World, for all of her hard work. It is the opinion of this humble blog-poster that, if Jean does half the work for her clients as she did to organise this party, then they are very lucky clients indeed.

Photographs courtesy (mostly) of Charles Gervais, Both Hemispheres Photography.

Quentin photographs the photographer with what he says is a phone but looks more like a monolith from 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Simon, Colleen and her bun hold court as King and Queen of the table (all of the other Kings and Queens didn’t seem to object).

Pretty good loot from the crackers (I’m enjoying my new nail clippers).

David shows how much he loves to have his photo taken (John takes the high road, and just ignores the camera).

The gang digs in to their appetisers.

Crayfish and avacado, yum! (beer, yum! cider, yum! wine, yum!)

Chandra was his usual jolly self!

Quentin shows his true colours (another excellent visual metaphor for business).

Daniel corners the market on sprouts.

Colleen announces the quiz (where we had to predict the future)

Quiz + wine = bad predictions of the future.

Nick enjoys some scrummy Xmas pud!

The quiz masters (probably)

Lord of all he surveys, David holds court

Ali, David and Anuschka hold court too (wait, that’s a lot of royalty for one table)

Peter seems to be the only subject amongst all the Kings and Queens. Seems pretty happy about it too!

Ian (and the back of the lovely, and greatly missed, Emma) having a good time.

Did you know, Michael, that on this day in 1971, Mozart died in Vienna? Aged only 35? (and just before Christmas!)

Ian and Carol share a lovely red wine…

John is really holding court, captivating his audience.

The snifters are out, time for the talk to get deep…

More photos of David and Emma, they just couldn’t get enough of the camera! (you should hear how much they like the camera…wait, there is video, who wants to hear how much they love having their photos taken?).


Someone cruelly turns the camera on the photographer. Oh, the humanity!

Merry Christmas indeed!

Look, party poppers blow their own smoke rings! Makes up for what I now see is, frankly, a rather sparse amount of streamers inside (next year, let’s get one of these!)

Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays) Everyone!