Ben Nevis conquered!

Ben Nevis conquered!


Hi clerkenwell,

Team completed Ben Nevis at 10pm last night and completed scarfel this morning. It’s another world up there – snow blizzards on Ben Nevis and 70 mile per hour winds on scarfel. Been very tough weather conditions up there and we got lost on journey to scarfel so all running behind but determined to finish the last mountain. Our legs have seized up now, blisters come out and all completely exhausted running on just a few hours sleep in the mini bus. The pyg track at snowdon is lots of vertical climbing we should arrive there about 5.30 and straight up to get done before nightfall.

If we can get just giving upto £750 this weekend – that means with giftaid we are upto £1000 for this weekend which would be very very motivating! please help us spread the link

Photo to come

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