May 12 @ Clerkenwell

May 12 @ Clerkenwell


We started today’s meeting at BNI Clerkenwell with the very under-stated announcement that Clerkenwell has regained the #1 spot in London! (but #1 in London does not a #1 spot in the UK make: we were gently informed that we are merely 25th in the UK, so there is lots of room for improvement).

Chapter Director Alison Trickey (Pollen Nation, florist), inducted new member Nick Ainsworth (Churchill Insurance Consultants) today. This brings our numbers up to an even 30. Welcome to Clerkenwell BNI Nick! (that’s “Nick” everyone, not “Nigel”. Nick Nick Nick).

Laura Hurren welcomes Nick Ainsworth

Nick Ainsworth, new Clerkenwell BNI member

After a very educational education slot, given by Simon Manuel (Druces, LLP) on the subject of “Memory Hooks”, our normal 60 second presentations were spiced up by some new, very much on-the-fly, memory hooks from a few adventurous chapter members. Some of those might need a teeny tiny bit of polishing, but they got the message across in, well, a memorable way.

2011-05-12 06-44-37 BNI Clerkenwell

Special VIP guest Laura Hurren (Executive Director of BNI UK) gave a compelling 10 minute presentation on Power Teams. As an effective demonstration of where our strengths lie, she quickly organised the chapter members into their existing Power Teams.The “Weddings”, “Creative/Marketing” and “Property” Power Teams all had only a few members each,

2011-05-12 07-13-34 BNI Clerkenwell

while “Health & Wellness” was represented solely by Ali Irving (Energise Personal Training). The “Finance” dwarfed all of the other Power Teams combined (leaving Ali looking very lonely indeed).

2011-05-12 07-14-47 BNI Clerkenwell

This was an ideal opportunity for Laura to point out the very obvious benefits of building the smaller Power Teams in the chapter (one extra “Wellness” member would give Ali a single new relationship, but 7 more members would give the team 28!). If all that extra business sounds like a good idea, why not attend the special BNI Power Team Workshop being held on Tuesday the 24th of May, from 17.00 to 19.00 at MWB Business Exchange, WC2.

2011-05-12 07-17-31 BNI Clerkenwell

2011-05-12 07-20-12 BNI Clerkenwell

David Taylor, Anuschka Fritz, Quentin Bargate

On a final note, Anuschka Fritz (Moustique Design, web designer) was given a special 1.5Kg gourmet chocolate egg by Charles Gervais (Both Hemispheres Photography) as a public thanks for the stellar referral she gave him last Winter. This referral led to his most successful commission to date (Charles hastens to point out that the next chocolate egg will only be awarded to the person who tops that referral…).

Until next time.

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