Who You Gonna Call… ?

Who You Gonna Call… ?


‘If there’s something strange
In you neighborhood
Who you gonna call
If there’s something weird
And it don’t look good…’

This week’s 10 Minute Speaker was Andrew Pegg MRICS the Chapter’s Independent Commercial Property Expert.

Subtitled ‘Sheds ‘n Sh*t’ Andrew outlined his work in the past week on 3 current cases. These include:

  • Procuring (technical term) a 66,700 sq ft ‘shed’ (actually B1 ‘light industrial’, B2 ‘general industrial’ & B8 ‘warehouse’ usage) on a ‘no money down’ ‘build to suit’ basis for a client looking to consolidate its warehousing needs from three sites into one, thereby releasing its archaic and obsolete owned site for the construction of badly needed new homes. Delivery is on track for Summer 2016, even though construction has yet to start!
  • Working with an Animal Home in London, looking to provide sufficient accommodation on its site to support it’s expanding options. Andrew had produced a report outlining the need for more accommodation as well as high-lighting possible solutions. This is a longer term project at the inception stage.
  • Providing ‘property help’ to a national membership organisation, he prevented a landlord from recovering possession of a client’s premises based on an erroneous claim for rent arrears. Delving deeper, it is apparent that the landlord had been over charging the tenant to rent the property compared to its rental value.

                                               “We want to thank you for the swift action and support – a great start. I read your documents and they are excellent.

                                                                                 The retailer would not have survived yesterday without your intervention.”

Andrew is now launching ‘Business Property Assist’ and requests referrals to other membership organisations looking to offer Member Benefits.

Call Andrew on 07710 031477  or email Andrew@BusinessPropertyAdvantage.co.uk now.

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