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Missing Link Back Pain Solutions


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Graham Stones

Missing Link Back Pain Solutions

Missing link back pain solutions is exactly what it says, aimed at identifying the missing link as to why you are not getting long term change to chronic debilitating back pain.

Graham has experience at competitive sport nationally in Kung-fu winning gold and has been a key part of the English National Ballets medical team for the last ten years as well as running a number of his own clinics in central London for the last twenty years.

Through revolutionary new physical therapy techniques and assessment tools the primary focus is about defining and achieving a long term solution for his clients. People travel from as far as Australia, Singapore and the US to work with Graham in his clinic as his work is getting transformative results worldwide.

The missing link back pain solution system is simple and effective,
Find the problem (specifically)
Free it – so it can work without pain
Create new movement – so you can live life on your terms.

This approach has helped thousands of people over the last twenty years get long term results and in some cases even avoided unnecessary surgery, if you, or anyone you know, is curious to find out how this revolutionary approach could benefit you then Graham offers a free fifteen minute phone consultation.