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Blue Print Film


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Cianna Canning

Blue Print Film

Blueprint Film are an award-winning video production company creating social media and branded content, documentary films and original content in the form of feature length films. With clients ranging from global brands to social enterprises, we have the experience, ideas and passion to understand audiences and deliver fresh and engaging video productions.

We also provide aerial filming and surveying solutions across the UK and create 3D interior and exterior virtual property tours. As fully licensed CAA drone pilots we are trained and insure to legally operate across UK airspace to implement a wide range of commercial applications for UAV including night flying.

We love ideas and we are able to translate complex briefs into compelling content thanks to our talented and devoted creative team and their diverse skill sets and backgrounds. We are firm believers in removing the perceived boundaries surrounding digital content; instead of questioning whether it can be achieved, we find out how and when.

Successful video content is a powerful medium and can transform the way a company, product or charitable aim is conveyed. We want to help people harness that power.