Great 10 minutes from Alison of Pollen Nation

Great 10 minutes from Alison of Pollen Nation


Alison of Pollen Nation did her 10 minute presentation recently, and her approach was particularly informative.

After setting up a little florist’s studio in the centre of our meeting room, Alison showed us her expertise and passion for her business by helping volunteer “bride”, Emma Wilson of Currency Solutions, to design her perfect table bouquet. As you can see from the accompanying photos (courtesy of Charles Gervais, Both Hemispheres Photography), Alison brought in an array of beautiful flowers and built a table setting right in front of us, according to the wishes of her “bride” (who did such a stellar job, I wonder if perhaps she is secretly getting married soon–kidding!). We got to see not only Alison’s creative side, but also how professionally she dealt with a nervous bride who needed a little emotional support and guidance.

Sometimes it’s difficult for BNI members to really understand the different businesses that make up our chapter. A demonstration like this, where you can see exactly what a person does, can be particularly effective. Well done Alison!

Charles (Both Hemispheres Photography)

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