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Over the last 12 months £1.7m of business has been passed between members of the Chapter.

Belonging to BNI is like having dozens of sales and marketing people working for you …

..because all of them carry several copies of your business cards around with them. When they meet someone who could use your products or services, they hand out your card and recommend you.* It’s as simple as that! It’s simple because it’s based on a proven concept by BNI Founder, Dr Ivan Misner, called “givers gain.” If I give you business you’ll want to give me business and we’ll both benefit as a result.

Last year, members of BNI passed over two million referrals….

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Exciting times…

WOW, it’s nearly here already. BNI Clerkenwell’s next visitor day! Already we have 30 regular members. New business referrals are being passed between members each week. But hey, we’re greedy, we want more. More importantly, we want your business to get the benefits too!   Are you a Marketing Consultant, an Interior Designer, a Landscaper, a Graphic Designer or an Engineer? Yes? YOU could be just what we’re looking for. Do you want more qualified referrals to help you win new business? Yes? YOU can hear how it works and see our success in action. Be part of our Visitor Day big breakfast...




Slate – The best web tools 2017

  • News / Jul-12-2017

Slate Web + Graphics share some of the best web tools of 2017: InVision InVision is a prototyping tool that allows us to transform static designs into clickable, interactive prototypes. This gives our clients the closest possible impression of what the website will look and feel like in the browser before any coding is done. InVision also tracks any changes in the project and allows you to save your assets like fonts and imagery in one area – perfect for handover to a developer. Asana An excellent project management tool and app that helps teams get organised with project folders, assigned...

Team 2017



Friday fun with the Caption Competition

What better way than to recognise our lovely new leadership team than with a photo….. Last Thursday, Heath Gardiner took on the job as new President. His sidekicks are the double joules: Giulia Remondino as Vice President/Membership Co-ordinator, and Julian Fox as Secretary Treasurer. This lovely photo is just begging to get a new caption though…..   And, the winning entry goes to Chandra Sharma for laugh out loud funniness and more than a touch of realism… Heath:             Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today …… Julian:              ffs, Heath, please don’t swear Giulia:              I see you’ve memorised the BNI script...




Process Overview: Slate Web + Graphics

  • News / Sep-16-2016

This week at BNI Clerkenwell, Jon (the director at Slate) gave a 10 minute presentation on the lifecycle of web based projects. He spoke about what it means to have trust & transparency and how to build robust & meaningful designs. With over 15 years experience in the web industry, Jon has given previous talks on the convenience of payment schedules and the importance of clear and effective design. The presentation began with an introduction to what makes Slate different to other web companies. Answer: Trust & transparency. Furthermore, that you build trust by being transparent. It is important your...


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